How it works

U-FUND | Fortunabrands Crowdfunding Platform

Fortunabrands Crowdfunding was created to raise fire up cash for projects with social missions to improving the living conditions of many people across the globe.

With our long standing esteemed givers who can support us, we can uphold enthusiastic business visionaries to raise the first phase of resources that can realise somebody's mission, because when we help out somebody, society wins big time.

For fundraisers venture and application, you should email: ( describing your mission, which will be on the crowdfunding platform when your application is verified and accepted with relevant image/s to your campaign.  

When you email us your mission, Fortunabrands Crowdfunding team will decide whether your mission is one we share esteems with. 

The quality of your task will clearly demonstrate your interest to patrons and financial specialists when running your crowdfunding mission on So setting up a solid persuading crowdfunding campaign is an extraordinary method to test the interest of kindgivers, administrations or unique products from which you can muster donations.

The better you plan your mission, the better possibilities you will have to arrive at your financing objective. Most importantly, to arrive at your objective with your fundraising support deeply relies on composing an engaging and appealing story, and to assist you with arriving where you want to be, you might need to think about these inquiries highlighted below:

What is the story behind your mission? What are you attempting to accomplish with this crowdfunding? Who might your mission and item advantage? Who are your rivals on the lookout? What makes your mission or campaign special? What sort of crowd would your mission draw in? What amount reserves do you figure you could practically raise?

Prior to presenting your application to us, pick a specialist brain you know in the field of your undertaking to look for vital expert counsel that may be useful in adjusting your mission material.

Ensure you have an advertising plan set up and have begun your pre-promoting stage and you have even conveyed a press release to your social media links, including Facebook et al. 

Go to your campaign, click on it to get to Donate page - underneate the DONATE botton is SHARE - click on it to copy your campaign link you can share on messenger, whatsapp, text message, twitter and more. Keep posting and contacting new crowds, make web-based media rivalries, and take the necessary steps to arrive at your financing objective. If ever you need it, Fortunabrands Crowdfunding Team will offer you promotional support that can help your campaign reach significant amount of potential givers every day (2% for direct marketing support - contact us for more info)

Develope your own Fundraising Team Members to help you reach your goal amount, because every fundraiser in your team can rally support easier and quicker from his or her community. More fundraisers on your fundraising team the better. 

You can prop up your mission as long as you need to continue offering your mission to existing sponsors to keep the financial tap on to continue streaming in. Raising assets is fun that you would prefer not to stop once you start.

What happens if or when your project is not accepted?

You can generally apply again if the first application is dismissed. If you don't mind make time to peruse our Terms of Use and read the conceivable input on your past application, if your venture is dismissed, Fortunabrands Crowdfunding team will send you recommendations for upgrades or the motivation behind why your task was not accepted on our platform. Have fun fundraising.