About us

U-FUND | Fortunabrands Crowdfunding Platform

Fortunabrands Crowdfunding is a fundraising platform - helping novel enterpreneurs, charity workers, entertainers and other projects with social missions on our categories list.

This platform exist because of sheer frustration when you are diddled out of your dreams and aspirations for cash lash, but when we help someone out of luck, society wins big.

There is no joy greater than giving and receiving, that is undeniably true love and unmistakably more joy when you accommodate someone in pressing need of your support. It is not only about the money, but it is also about the satisfaction you feel someplace inside of you when you know your kind consideration has made all the difference.

What's more fascinating about crowdfunding is when you give, you're not simply giving, the relationship keeps aflame on the grounds that you feel a tremendous air of association with the individual or the campaign for which the cash is expected.

In this day and age where vulnerability is getting indecent, we should be the additional sort to each other, and right now with the pandemic, it is the time to show we care for one another, after all, we cannot take anything with us at the end of time.